Friday, 12 August 2011

Week 4 - Condo Project - Its really coming along

Busy Busy Busy. It was an incredible week. The floors are down, the fridge receptacle is in place, and the shower tiles have been grouted, which allowed me to have a measure done for the back wall of the shower which will be 3 sheets of back-painted 'lime' Everyone needs a 'shot of colour' in the morning, too fun! The Vanity (wall-hung) is in place and the plumber is in on Monday to install the toilet or w/c, which ever you can relate to.
The kitchen cabinets arrived on Thursday (1 week ahead of schedule) and the appliances on Friday (today as requested) so all is good. It's wonderful when schedules 'actually work' and although this is not always the case (maybe others, not me), this has been exceptional and although there is still 6 weeks to completion I can say it has been a pleasure working with the many individuals involved to date. The kitchen install is scheduled for August 22nd, and at this point I think I'm more excited than the owner of the space. 
Stay tuned, from this point on, an average 860 sq foot space will slowly be transformed into exceptional week to week. Paul Kenning Stewart @ PROJEKT

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