Friday, 26 August 2011

Week 7 Condo Project - Its all making sense

The positive connotation of the # 7, is that of 'Luck'. Whatever the case may be, it was a very busy and wonderful week with the installation of the Kitchen Cabinetry. Things are finally starting to make sense.

The Client originally asked for an open, contemporary flair with a European 'flavour' to be used for personal enjoyment but also conducive to casual entertaining. The counter and storage space has more than doubled from what was here originally, and by removing the walls there is a better flow, visually expanding the 860sq ft space taking advantage of the magnificent unobstructed view (21 stories) from every corner of the 'home'. The 'old' floor plan was good but dated, the 'new' floor plan is clean, crisp and timeless. Eventually 'pops' of colour will be added here and in the Bathroom, but instead of explaining, you will have to wait for the pictures. This renovation is still on schedule and should be drawing to a close in the next 3-4 weeks, tomorrow is the counter measure, and then once installed, the backsplash.

Thank you for following me, and if you stay until the end I'm sure you won't be disappointed, and give you some insight towards 'what to expect' for your own renovation.

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