Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Paul K Stewart @ Originals 'by Design'

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce one of my Furniture pieces called the 'ID EST' Lounge. There are 2 pieces (this is one) in the collection that involved my fellow collaborator in 'Sculpted' Furniture, Architect David Jesson. The 'ID EST' Lounge was entered into the International Osaka Design Exhibition and also the Toronto Design Competition and received Honourable Mention.

ID EST (latin) 'That Is', usually abbreviated I.E.
The ID EST Lounge is a metaphor for a present state of Modernism, representing both confrontation and contradiction solely through material 'form'. The dimensionless line is used in its two primary positions of the vertical and the horizontal, establishing the boundaries of the side elevation; 'ID EST: the Horizon'.
Neutral and solid materiality of the steel and glass give the body of simple massed planes; 'ID EST: the physical mass of the human body'.
The confrontation of the mass and line results in a weighted mass, arched to provide a neutral plane for the flexible human form, floating in its immediate space; 'ID EST: a self made horizon for the individual'.

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