Friday, 16 September 2011

Week 10 Condo Project - Almost Done - happy client

WEEK 10 Condo Project. Tuesday was the installation of the 'Silestone' counter for the kitchen. The installers from Latitude are so professional and the installation process was seamless.....literally! These man-made Quartz surfaces are one of my top choices for work surfaces in a kitchen because of its beauty and practicality, plus it has a range of more than 65 colours so it will suit any and all situations and styles.

Silestone is a dense, non-porous stone which is highly scratch and stain resistant that does not require sealing. (only diamond,sapphire and topaz are harder, and it has built-in bacteriostatic protection.) It is also condusive to any and all activities performed in the kitchen, such as the preparation of meats and chicken when bacteria cannot penetrate the surface being non-porpous, and because it is a 'cool' surface (like granite and marble) it is better for rolling dough for breads and pie crust for those bakers out there. (But for the professional Baker, marble is still the best cool surface for consistancy, although the worst for staining, it's very porous). To top all this, it has a 15 year warrenty, so all in all an excellent 'bang for your buck'!
NOTE: Silestone is manufactured in Portugal; it's competitor Ceasar stone is manufactured in Isreal and is best known as being a 'Kosher' surface and is 'blessed' by a Rabbi.

Topping this week was the hook-up of the plumbing (Wednesday) and the installation of the sink (Elkay) and faucet (Blanco) AND the measurement of the backsplash (Thursday) which will be a 'delight' once this is installed. Yes, the schedule is still intact, and I'm very excited about the 'final' reveal.


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