Tuesday, 3 April 2012

KDS - Kitchen Design Supremacy - As with everything else in todays world of technology, society moves forward forever changing the way we live and conduct our lives. Kitchens are no different. In design we strip away and strip away to eliminate the distractions of the mundane. Open concept Houses and Condominium Highrise Lifestyles have become front and center in the Market Place. But generally speaking, we do NOT want the utilitarian parts of our lives exposed therefore multi-purpose areas are becoming the 'norm' in the design of Kitchens. The question of 'how' to hide and make these areas functional beyond the 'daily' use of preparing meals becomes the challenge. How far should we go? As displayed here, the beauty of the Island does double duty as a preparation area, a bar, a buffet, a lounging spot the list is endless, while backed up behind it the complimentory 'wall' which hides storage and 'machines'. This is good, but is it practicle? There are other ways to achieve this and still give this elegant 'look' so because I'm a practical guy, the direction I'd take would be different for the back wall but there is no denying......it is beautiful!

Kitchen Design Think Tank: KDS - Kitchen Design Supremacy: There is a simple purity to this design that disguises a cunning technological complexity.    The designers have indulged our in...

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