Friday, 15 August 2014

20 Bedroom Color Scheme Ideas

20 Bedroom Color Scheme Ideas

Bedrooms, a 'personal' escape. It's no longer just another room for sleep but a refuge to be enjoyed privately. Create your Dream World through the use of colour, and texture, materials and themes. Make every day your favourite day in a room that excites you no matter the size.

Do you wish for a special experience somewhere in this vast World but don't have the time or money in which to travel there or was there a Vacation that you can't seem to get out your mind? Recreate it at Home so that everyday you wake up the wish will be true...... 

Friday, 4 July 2014


ONE AWESOME THING This beauty takes 'Millwork' above and beyond the call of duty. The simple elegance and warmth of the wood, graces the wall and houses the wall-mounted TV along with all the other 'toys' and accessories to accompany it.

Never settle for the obvious, and you will enjoy the originality of this piece forever.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

When you look at a Space, 'see' it.

Chic & Deco: UN INTERIOR INGLÉS AL MAS PURO ESTILO WABI-SABI [...: Al ver el interior de esta casa inglesa decorada por  Rose Uniacke , no puedo más que ver un interior al más puro estilo wabi sabi ,...

It is amazing that one Space can have so many 'looks'. Keep an open mind and understand the flexibility of Design and Style. My personal favourite is taking the 'virgin' Space and minimalizing the layout and furnishings. Let every piece sing it's individualism and perform it's function to your benefit and Lifestyle.

Every Space should be a 'reflection' of you and not overwhelm those who enter it. Be consistent throughout your Home and calm will prevail.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Contemporary Porches.....taking it outside.

Get Ready for Warmer Weather with Contemporary Porches After a VERY long Winter, it's time to look forward to the warm breezes of Summer. The 'Porch' has always been the social hub of the street, relaxing after work with family and friends, meeting and greeting your neighbours as they stroll by, light dinners and drinks.

Then there are the lucky few with Homes in the country or at a lake. The views are memorable, the breeze is invigorating and the wait has been worth it.

Many may feel that Contemporary Home Design can be cold and uninviting but the truth is after years of experimentation of the front porch, the process has evolved into the best that design can offer. The philosophy of bringing the outside in also now brings the inside out. It takes advantage of surroundings and focus. The spaces have become lush and comfortable.

So much goes into the 'detail', with sitting / lounging space, dipping pools, integrated gardens, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens which all add to the delight of escaping to the great outdoors and still living at Home.

Experience Spring, Summer and Fall on 'your' terms, and make it the best your home has to offer and unite with Mother Nature. Life is meant to be enjoyed......

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

...: Style Element : Barn Doors

Natural materials have become the 'it' style for the past few years, and the combination of 'tonal quality' in a stark minimalist Space gives immediate character and warmth. The visual aesthetic can charm and enhance while at the same time give a solid design direction to the finish of any room. No longer do we have matched, uncomfortable living areas (it is not advised) and the comfort of the space becomes one of textured elegance to enhance your personal taste and style. Collections become Art, and mix ing and matching projects personality.

'Barn Doors' are the easiest way to achieve this success. They are unique, original and provide a means of closing off otherwise open concepts, giving privacy when necessary. When open they are a 'feature' and provide visual interest to an otherwise boring wall and portal. Condominiums are especially conducive to the introduction of this otherwise alien feature providing a point of interest in a 'slick' Interior of paint and glass.

The Studio M Designs blog ...: Style Element : Barn Doors: I have been crushing on the use of barn doors in interior design for sometime now. Though they can be used to create gorgeous table tops, ...

Monday, 10 March 2014

Coming Clean: The 2014 Bathroom Trend Report | California Home Design

Coming Clean: The 2014 Bathroom Trend Report | California Home Design

High on Style, clean and efficient Bathrooms top the list in making personal statements by using materials as the high lite to individuality. The home is a reflection of the Owners tastes, and nothing says more than taking the time when planning. Bathrooms are generally the smallest square footage within the Home, so this private sanctum allows the freedom to indulge.

Make your wish list, find a budget you are comfortable with, and create. Colour is the most inexpensive factor for immediate satisfaction, but if there is room in your budget, the furniture and materials can take it 'over the top'!

Just remember, plan, plan, plan and when in doubt, hire someone you trust to help with the design to achieve your desired Space. Do it once, do it right!