Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Paul Kenning Stewart’s Five Tips for a Spring Home Makeover

Spring has finally sprung and there is no better way to celebrate the changing season than by sprucing up the interior of your home. Paul Kenning Stewart of PROJEKT HOME notes that even simple changes to wall colour, linen, area rugs and artwork can significantly brighten up the feeling and mood of your space.

Here are five tips he recommends considering when conducting your own spring home rejuvenation:

1.  Bring the outdoors in. Spring d├ęcor is all about lightness and flow - soft, pretty pastel colors, flowing lightweight fabrics, floral designs and transparent sheers. Don’t be afraid of incorporating accessories, curtains, rugs and accent pieces with flowers, butterflies or birds as these are all reflective of the changes taking place outside.

2. Clean and de-clutter. Getting rid of clutter is important not only because it frees up space but according to the philosophy of feng shui deprives us of positive energy. As you clean and make space in each room of your home don’t hesitate to re-arrange furniture and artwork.

3. Paint, Paint and Paint. Changing the colour of a room can totally transform how you experience it.  For spring think about colours like muted yellows, soft creams or any hues, which tend to evoke happy emotions.

4. Throw down Pillows and Roll out Rugs. Pillows and rugs are a great and quick way to re-invent rooms with spring accents. Revive old throw pillows by casing them in fabrics of cheerful patterns and colours. Replace heavy and cosy rugs with cotton, light wool, jute or bamboo ones.

5. Lastly, start small. All of the above improvements can be implemented by tackling one room at a time. Some people prefer to begin with the rooms they spend most time in such as the living room or kitchen, while others jump right in with the room that requires the most work. Either way, start with one manageable room at a time.

Stewart points out that in addition to making your home more comfort for living the above interior improvements have the potential to increase your property value. Remember, for bigger and more value added projects, consulting a professional interior designer can be a worthy endeavour. 

Paul Kenning Stewart is a Toronto based designer with over 25 years of experience and the founder of PROJEKT HOME.  He has managed both residential and commercial design projects and specializes in  kitchens and baths. He also has extensive experience with exterior enhancements such as landscaping and curb appeal and is a member of NKBA.