Wednesday, 12 March 2014

...: Style Element : Barn Doors

Natural materials have become the 'it' style for the past few years, and the combination of 'tonal quality' in a stark minimalist Space gives immediate character and warmth. The visual aesthetic can charm and enhance while at the same time give a solid design direction to the finish of any room. No longer do we have matched, uncomfortable living areas (it is not advised) and the comfort of the space becomes one of textured elegance to enhance your personal taste and style. Collections become Art, and mix ing and matching projects personality.

'Barn Doors' are the easiest way to achieve this success. They are unique, original and provide a means of closing off otherwise open concepts, giving privacy when necessary. When open they are a 'feature' and provide visual interest to an otherwise boring wall and portal. Condominiums are especially conducive to the introduction of this otherwise alien feature providing a point of interest in a 'slick' Interior of paint and glass.

The Studio M Designs blog ...: Style Element : Barn Doors: I have been crushing on the use of barn doors in interior design for sometime now. Though they can be used to create gorgeous table tops, ...

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